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Yanka sculpts with a wide variety of materials: clay, stone, concrete, metal, resin and this year she worked with success with porcelain and now conducts a personal research on color by using techniques of pigmentation and dyeing of materials.
Yanka shares her time between her work of independent sculptor, the Plastic arts and sculpture lessons she gives at the “Conservatoire” and different workshops in Paris.


-2010 – 2ème Prix – E.A.R. – Rosny sous Bois
-2010 – Médaille d’argent – Société Académique « Arts – Sciences – Lettres »
-2009 – 3ème Prix Salon d’Automne « Reflets des Arts de l’Aulnoye ».
-2008 – Prix « Univers des Arts » Exposition de l’Hôtel de Ville de Paris