Voir les oeuvres de PAILHES Fred
His works evoke visions of Le Havre of yesteryear, mostly the old part called Saint François which he was particularly fond of and also his "Marseille" period.
He constantly etched and painted; sailors’ bars, music halls, lost souls - women and their eroticism, whatever he saw as long as he found mouvement, colour and gay bantering. Saucy scenes of cabarets and bistros and of course women. Pailhès etched uncountable drawings of women and dancers - in particular, Loulou, his favourite from the Folies Bergères Cabaret in Paris.
Entwined women taken by the musical swing searching pleasure. With Pailhès, each body is a deliberate provocation to our sensuality.

1902 - 1990

Born in Le Havre, France.
Emigrated to America during World War I at 8 years old.
On his return he enrolled at the Fine Arts School in Le Havre.