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JACE lives on Reunion Island, a small French island located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar; he moved there in 1982 aged just 9 years old. Jace was initially inspired by the New York style graffiti from the book “Subway Art”, and he began his street stuff in 1989. Developing his own style over the next few years, Jace created his famous character “Gouzou” in 1992. Although Jace continues to paint traditional murals, his real talent lies in interacting with his environment in a very humorous way using his small character. Indeed, Gouzou can be found on bill boards where Jace has taken advantage of the picture and used him to ridicule the original advert. However, Gouzou can sometimes be rather mischievous and disobedient and his father Jace needs to be very strict, and at times he will enclose Gozou in a gallery for several weeks. But Gouzou will quickly finds his way back to freedom
There are currently 4 books detailing Jace’s paintings and street installations, the first of which was printed in 1999. Gouzous can also be found in London, Rome, Prague, Pairs, Le Havre (France), Mayotte Island, Bali (Indonesia), Madagascar Island, Mauritius Island, New York, Budapest, Tokyo, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Lisbon, Barcelona, Macao, and many more places.
Since then Gouzou has become a real icon of Reunion Island where he is recognised by everyone. Jace also has hundreds of fans who often go “hunting” with their camera to catch each and every one of Jace’s practical jokes. However Jace’s talents are not limited to just Reunion Island as. But perhaps the irrepressible nature of Gouzou really just symbolises Jace’s own sense of adventure; “nothing can stop me; neither the fines, nor the jail, nor the mountain or the seas, nor the future of street art when the fashion ends...” So the spirit of Gouzou lives on.

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Madakao - 2011 - € 30
Fiches d’électrocution Scolaire - €10
La Tête et les Jambes - €15
Gouzous Around the World - €40

Born in Le Havre, France
Lives and works on the island of the Reunion
Regular shows around Europe and the USA
Takes part in many festivals
International publications