GARZON Alfredo
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"...when the piece of work is finished, I suffer considerably. I remain dissatisfied...but this dissatisfaction gives birth to a new idea, I know that the next work will be the result of the dissatisfaction produced by the previous work and a new dissatisfaction which will allow me to go further, this feeling of non-achieval of my desire obliges me, in a certain way,to live and produce another piece of work..."

Born 23 August 1940 in Salta, Argentina.
At 11, he begins his studies as sculptor working with JB Gamba before attending the Fine Arts school in Salta where he obtains the diploma of art & sculptor professor. He continues studying at the national University of Cordoba, obtains the gold medal (highest distinction)and becomes superior professor in 1966.From 1966 to 1971, Alfredo Garzon teaches in several universities and gives conferences on current art and precolombian art in latin america. Creator of experimental workshops in Bolivia & Peru, Ecuador & Mexico, his work has been ackowledged in the USA & in Europe by receiving more than 20 awards.
Alfredo Garzon lives and works in France since 1976.