Voir les oeuvres de FOURGNAUD Geneviève
Geneviève Fourgnaud traces lines and follows other imaginary ones, she positions and assembles her forms and as being inspired by fragments of dislocated icebergs, forms new diverting and free elements .
Her stroke is firm, mature, deliberate, anticpating the movement, taking the prop by surprise, entrapping it.
At times, figurative forms appear derived from far-reaching souvenirs from her deepest visual memory.
In her universe, Geneviève Fourgnaud juggles with ease from lines to curves strengthened by a balanced and complementary palette.

- Born in 1958 in Corrèze, France.
- Studied in Brive and entered The School of Fine Arts in Toulouse in 1978.
- 1983-1998 : Studied art at the UFR, Saint Charles Paris 1 and obtained a masters.